What is a BEhicle?

  1. a thing used for transporting people, to altered states of consciousness, with a purpose to create more peace and cooperation
  2. a thing used to express, embody, or fulfill something, or someone, at its highest potential

"Life is a Journey" and the QuantuMX is a way to translate this epic journey into transformative and meaningful FUN!

This generation 1 "Behicle" is a stunning visual icon that will transport its passive viewers, inter-active passengers and facilitating crew, into a state of reflection and introspection; This is a space to greet our highest potential, and then "play it out" through various engaging ways to eXpress ourselves. 

The QuantuMX is not a traditional art installation that you merely view. It is an immersive eXperience to bring deep insight and self awareness. Designed not only for its sheer beauty, it is a FUNctional and interactive portal bridging the past and future into the infinite NOW! This vehicle is illuminated to instantly empower. Passengers can forge deeper connections, within themselves and with fellow travelers on this journey through the sea of synchronicity.

The QMX will offer its wayfarers a space-time to move from inter-activity to inner-activity, with 4 distinct levels of progression:

1. As an externalized, kinetic work of art the Behicle will inspire within and from afar. It will be used as a space to induce creativity and community building;

2. As an interior sacred space the QMX invites you onboard to play X the GAME, either "Soulitaire," or with others in community, as we share our intentions, purpose and legacy;

3. As opportunities to reach deep states of consciousness, the QuantuMX will stimulate our minds and souls through:  

   a. a 'Sacred Space Pod,' waterless, eco-art flotation device; 
   b. a Space-Time Palette playing with light and sound in 3D space; 
   c- playing with an orchestra of "Windsinger" vibrational instruments  

4. As a behicle that carries the Spirit of Burning Man to the Playa, and beyond, traversing festivals and events around the world. It will inspire the new generation to channel their creativity, making a difference in their work and lives, building community, learning to collaborate and performing in the spirit of play.

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