Ways to Play

An Infinite Game offering infinite ways to play....


Soulitaire™ is the simplest form to experience the game. It represents the very essence of this playful process–to tap into our individual and collective intuition and derive meaning from the symbolic cards attracted to us. THE GAME was built on the premise that each of us has a direct connection to an infinite well of knowledge and Intelligence. As we peel away and peer through the layers of our self we uncover deeper and more profound "truths" and solidify our inner relationship.


eXperience THE GAME ™ is wonderful when played with others. THE GAME™ has been developed for couples to create a deeper, more intimate understand of one another. Families can utilize a new, fun way to function effectively. Through using simple tools within the GAME process, we can grow to deeper understanding of who we are, why we are together and how we can best serve each other to fulfill our dreams and manifestations.

THE GAME can be a great new way to bring a party to a higher level. We are not talking about a new drinking game. What we are talking about is for a group coming together to reach a higher state of connection. This is a way to bring the "group mind" of friends together in a more meaningful way. Many people eXperience an uplifted state of consciousness as they play this Party GAME.

In addition to the board and card versions, there's an online version which you can play alone or use to connect with friends. Or you might enjoy our iPhone Game. Any of these versions can be played "Soulitaire" or with any number of people. However you play, and whoever you play with: yourself, your friends, family, or total strangers, you'll get a fun, enlightening new perspective on life, yourself, and those around you.