Soulitaireis the simplest form to experience the game. It represents the very essence of this playful process-- to tap into our individual and collective intuition and derive meaning from the symbolic cards attracted to us. THE GAME was built on the premise that each of us has a direct connection to an infinite well of knowledge and Intelligence. As we peel away and peer through the layers of our self we uncover deeper and more profound "truths" and solidify our inner relationship to our own "highest." The goal of THE GAME is to reach our highest potential while helping other players reach theirs. Within Soulitaire we focus on reaching our highest, through listening to our inner being, in a direct and personal way.

Here are the simple steps to play Soulitaire



1. In Silence, connect with your Light at the Center of your Game. (Light a candle for a special acknowledgement.)
2. Find your Intention and focus your attention on it for a few moments. A good time to go to focus and visualize.
3. Make an Intention to attract a random Lifecircle card. Add your reflections and invite others to "play."
4. Use the Challenge or Relate button to build your story and interact with other symbols and players.
5. Write out your Challenge or Relate in the space given.
6. See how all three cards fit together and note any obvious or subtle connections.
7. Note relevant connections, meanings, and thoughts associated with the images.
8. Share your results with others if you choose, or keep it private unto your Self.

Explore a deeper level of playing the GAME by ordering the Essential GAME package through the website or calling
408-395-9665. Have Fun!

Download PDF Instructions for Game

1. Light at the Center: Soulitaire can be played anywhere and anytime. This version of THE GAME is played in silence. No outer words are used, as we focus on our inner dialogue. It works best to find a quiet place and take a few moments to clear your mind and "get centered." If you meditate this is a good time to practice. If you don’t meditate simply take a deep breath, relax and open your mind. Allow thoughts to pass through your mind, like clouds in the sky. The goal is to create an inner connection to your own "light at the center of your Game," allowing you to open up to your intuition, so your intention can flow freely and become clear.

2. Find your Intention: Connect with any Intention, or purpose, or wish, which is important for you to look deeper into now. This could be something profound, as a soul purpose, or something superficial, as a mundane concern. An intention can be expressed through a "Birthday wish," or "New Year resolution." It could also be used to focus on a personal affirmation. Remember that this is within an inner dialogue, so this could arise as a feeling, so find a few words to describe your purpose of this play. Write down your Intention on a GAME "Symbol Screen." or in your Journal.

3. Lifecircle™ cycle (card 1): Hold the Lifecircle deck in your hands, or spread the cards in a circle. Focus your attention on your Intention and randomly choose a card that has been attracted to your present life play. Selecting a Lifecircle card is like setting the stage for your first scene of a three-act play. As you look at the Lifecircle card make a "connection" with the color, symbol and words associated. Take note of your "inner dialogue" as you continue to make bridges between your Intention and the cards you pull. Pay attention to the first thing that comes to mind. This is normally the most important association. Jot down any notes about the meaning or feelings that arise.

4. Challenge / Relate cycle (card 2): Now you have a choice. From that inner dialogue you can formulate an inner challenge or relate, drawing from the Challenge deck or Relate deck. A Challenge is more of a yes no, polarized response, or a way to drill deeper into an issue with an obvious feedback. The GAME will deliver either a "Words of Wisdom" (+) or a "Warning Sign" (-). Through a "Relate" you will gain feedback that is not as black and white. The cards have either "Power words," which are affirmations, or "Communication Tools and Devices." These symbols help tie the story together as part of the 3-act play being developed. Write down any associations and feelings that might arise.

5. Relate / Challenge cycle (card 3):
If you chose a Challenge card first, than it is time to Relate. If you chose a Relate card it is now time to Challenge. This third card will complete this "triad" of cards that will take on form as part of your personal, inner 3-act play. Remain in silence (realizing that "outbursts" do happen) and continue to track your inner dialogue, scripting as much as you can to recall the associations, feelings and insights.

6. Triangulation: After being clear about each individual card that you have pulled, now it is time to put the whole story together. As a continued inner dynamic feel free to restructure the original meanings derived from the cards and now see how they all came together.

7. Scribing the session: This Soulitaire process can be done in just a few moments. Three cards can be pulled, with a quick free associations being made. Writing down your feelings and impressions can help you understand and work with the information that has been derived from this session. You can treat this story like it is a script that has been scribed.

8. Share your session with another: Soulitaire is very personal, yet the premise of THE GAME remains to share your eXperience. In this light see yourself as a central character in this play. Each time you play Soulitaire you can make reference to previous experiences.

You can share your process with others, or with yourself in future sessions. When sharing how to play any version of THE GAME, Soulitaire is a process that offers basic essentials stressing the importance of our inner connection. Email or call 408-395-9665 if interested to purchase a collectible print copy of the GAME eXperience, or to become an Ambassador.