The Sacred Space Pod goes mobile

The Sacred Space Pod is the first known "Sensory Exaltation Tank" of its kind. Instead of providing "Sensory Deprivation" like her better known Flotation Tank sister, she offers a journey of Light & Sound, inducing the brain to relax and regenerate. She was initiated at Burning Man 2011 "Rites of Passage" as an eco-art project, meticulously painted by Master trompe l'oeil artist Will Northcutt. Our space lived at the entrance to Sacred Spaces Village. 

When the Sacred Space Pod isn't on the road, she is housed within the Timecapsule Dome and open for visitors from around the world as an off playa, Flotation eXperience at the Be & Be Well Flotation and GAME Center

The next level of evolution of the Sacred Space Pod will include embedded healing crystals, gemstones and copper wiring for energy transference. LED lights will be embedded throughout to accent the spectacular image of “The Vitruvian Being from the 31st Century.” This image depicts is a scene from the GAMER science fiction back story called, “Downloads for the Traveler.” 

The SS Pod will be built on top of the trucks' cab roof, accessible by walking up a colorful spiral staircase, that leads from the Game’s Living Theater to the pod’s platform. This will connect to the highest viewing point from the Behicle,  the 'Doves Nest.'

Within the inner sanctum of the SS Pod, will be a glow-in-the-dark star scape, illuminated by a healing black light. 

This antecedent technology has been envisioned to evolve over the course of the next millennium. Ultimately it will become a 'holographic time travel device.' Presently, the 2014 form will include a light and sound brain stimulation device, aromatherapy, and a biofeedback system that invites users on a journey to inner space. Users can entrain their mind, as they are challenged to “light up” the Pod's 8 color chakra crystals. Crystals and gemstones are embedded around the tanks outer core and also within the pod through fiber optics. By steadying your mind and practicing a regular, deep breath, slowing the heart rate, and other criteria, Travelers will be able to visually monitor the function of their brainwaves, with their mental energy amplified and translated into light and sound.


Imagine one of the most fascinating instruments in the world, the Space Palette, as a Captain's Space-Time BEhicle Navigational Wheel. This multi-multi touch-touch device enables its players to traverse through a universe of light and sound. A "Traveler" player can influence the Behicle light and sound output through their energetic 3D play.

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