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Card Decks

There are three primary circular card decks, bundled together:
Lifecircle cards, Relation cards, Challenge cards

  • Lifecircle cards are the core of the GAME. Each card has images and words that represent different facets of Life.
  • Relation cards two sub-decks of cards. Power Words and Communication Tools (infinite devices that fill our world for us to relate with one another.)
  • Challenge cards two sub-decks of cards. Words of Wisdom, and Warning Signs.
  • Cards can be purchased individually, in suits, decks, and sets.
  • There are 131 cards in the "Nature of the Game" set. .
  • There are 141 cards in the "Essential Game" set. .
  • There is a 16 card eXperience "Technologies eXpansion" suit

Game Lifeboard

The Lifeboard is a colorful Mandala that represents a greater stage. Most contain Life points and Life stages to guilde us along our pathways. It offers new levels and dimensions of play. There are different designs of GAME boards that are available, in different quality variations.

But you don't need a Lifeboard to play THE GAME. In fact, we have been training our Ambassadors for the past year to play without the game board. It is powerful to be able to play anywhere, any time.