Core Players

Who We Are

eXperience Technologies, Inc.™ mission is inspire and demonstrate healthy relationships on personal, interpersonal and global levels. Getting to know our team is an integral part of our community building technology. Click on the links below to get an "inner view" of our team members.


Jai Hudes

Shanti Hudes

Andy Moore

Lakshmi Narayan

Leonardo Gonzalez

Beverly Adamo


Advisors and Mentors

Chris Thomas

Scott Degraphenreid

Stewart Levine

Steve Sakane

Charles Capone

Tim Smith

Dr. Jeff Magee

Dr. Duane Kemp

Jeff Klaven

Paul Hoyt

Morris Cohen

Ed Lantz

Mary Dudda

Omaima Mansi
Alliance partners and Ambassadors

working on special projects

Christopher Nelson (Educational eXperience)

Professor Sharon Gotke (Educational eXperience)

Muriel Glasgow (United Nations eXperience)

Karen Stanwood (Vancouver X)

Cindy May (photography)

Mar Ricketts (GAME Spaces)

Chris Kling (Dome development)

Ed Lantz (Virtual Reality)

We encourage transparency and offer this space to our team, advisors, and Ambassador project managers to share who they are through this About Us Inner-view.