General: What is X the GAME

By answering what is X the GAME, I plan to also convey what the Game is not. X the Game is a modern "Game of Life" within a game format. The Game reflect life and our purpose for being in this world. At its best, this transformational tool should enable you to 'connect' better and deeper. And to have a more positive mental outlook in your leife. It teaches us to dream. And how to attract what is needed to manifest your dream. It can reflect the blocks that reldems being authentcally you! It shows us the many ways we can traverse along the pathway of life.THE GAME is not intended as a divination tool. Even though some people use it in this way. There have been many of these kind of devices through the centuries. Tarot and IChing to name a couple.  They all have their parts within the whole over time. But this Game is a game for the 21st century. A game foir the 21st century. A rich media mechanism that can cross over into any technology. Within the core of the Game it teaches us to share our brilliance and to allow life to unfold. And to tap into our inner source, as individuals and collectively. A fun and engaging way for personal growth, to bond together, to learn and find out why you are in this world.As author of this Game and this card, my understanding is that this game is here to learn to serve better, to serve ourselves and others to reach the pinnacle of us being in this world. With that being said, here is the stated goal to Xperience the Game."To actualize your highest potential and help the other Players to realize the best version of themselves."Wild eXperience = Self ActualizationThis Game is a big part of my journey towards self actualization. As my creation I see it as my legacy. it reminds me to always do the best I can and support others' on their path. The question is, "what is most important for you," or "What is your highest potential?" This could be your greatest dream, or your raison d'etre. This could be your purpose for being in this world at this time; or a strong desire to create something; or to become someone you envion, the best version of yourself. Within the great game of life, this seems to be an undercurrent, continually pushing and pulling us forward (and back) to ultimately become the best version of ourselves.

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