eXperience—the GAME™

guarantor loansGame "Lifeboard" will be the trailer floor with 472 LED lightsX the GAME has been evolving and organically spreading around the world. In 2012 we went on the road around the US, Canada and Mexico sharing the Game with thousands of people. The plan is for a world tour touching all 5 continents in 2015. The QuantuMX will be the spokesvehicle for the GAME, as we share a Life sized, "Living Theater" version of this card/board game, online game (go to XtheGAME.com), mobile app (download "eXorb" from app store) and now as an immersive virtual Xperience!This 64 square foot Game Lifeboard will be at the center of a 19' trailer, becoming a powerful environment for Players to drop deep into the GAME Xperience, like never before! Participants will be "actors" in the play, offering their piece in this Game of Life. There will be processes to play an inner "Soulitaire" Game, or any size group can interAct, for inspiring creativity, for better communication, and to getting to know each other in new and profound ways.And then there is the Burning Man eXperience! A living theater in its own right. Imagine the QMX craft traversing the magical field of Black Rock City. Street by street, moving around the playa from end to end, visiting camps and venues, with its home base at Sacred Spaces Village. The QMX will be a mobile version of Sacred Spaces!The GAME has been played at Sacred Spaces Village since 2010, now the eXperience will be to also roam the playa...and the world!

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