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Grokit Ship Behicle Quantum Time travel device

  Grokit Ship Behicle Quantum Time travel device  Please Like our Facebook Page: The Grokit Ship BEhicle is a new way to move through space & time.

eXperience—the GAME™

guarantor loansGame "Lifeboard" will be the trailer floor with 472 LED lightsX the GAME has been evolving and organically spreading around the world. In 2012 we went on the road around the US, Canada and Mexico sharing the Game with thousands of people. The plan is for a world tour touching all 5 continents in 2015.

What is a BEhicle?

  1. a thing used for transporting people, to altered states of consciousness, with a purpose to create more peace and cooperation
  2. a thing used to express, embody, or fulfill something, or someone, at its highest potential

"Life is a Journey" and the QuantuMX is a way to translate this epic journey into transformative and meaningful FUN!


The Sacred Space Pod goes mobile


Windsingers are vibrational instruments designed to bring joy and movement to those who play these magical "Om Wands." We will have dozens of WS Instruments on board , with two 10' long Wind Masts that will connected the high points of the behicle to the deepest resonance. It is a way for passengers to interact and will touch everyone who sees and hears the craft going by exuding a Schumann Resonance-like, organic vibration.

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