Grokit Ship Behicle Quantum Time travel device

  Grokit Ship Behicle Quantum Time travel device  Please Like our Facebook Page: The Grokit Ship BEhicle is a new way to move through space & time. A stress free zone inspiring all to eXperience their "highest potential"in its many forms. WHAT IS A BEHICLE? BE•HI•CLE    ˈBĒƏKƏL,ˈBĒˌHIKƏL/ _noun_ * a thing used for transporting people, to altered states of consciousness, with a purpose to create more peace and cooperation* a thing used to express, embody, or fulfill something, or someone, at its highest potential  WHY WE ARE CREATING THIS BEHICLE... "Life is a Journey" and the QuantuMX is a way to translate this epic journey into transformative and meaningful FUN! This generation 1 "Behicle" is a stunning visual icon that will transport its passive viewers, inter-active passengers and facilitating crew, into a state of reflection and introspection; This is a space to greet our highest potential, and then "play it out" through various engaging ways to eXpress ourselves. The BEhicle is not a traditional art installation that you merely view.It is an immersive eXperience to bring deep insight and self awareness.Designed not only for its sheer beauty, it is a FUNctional and interactive portal bridging the past and future into the infinite NOW!This vehicle is illuminated to instantly empower. Passengers can forge deeper connections, within themselves and with fellow travelers on this journey through the sea of synchronicity. The QMX will offer its wayfarers a space-time to move from inter-activity to inner-activity, with 4 distinct levels of progression: 1. As an externalized, kinetic work of art the Behicle will inspire within and from afar. It will be used as a space to induce creativity and community building; 2. As an interior sacred space the Grokit Ship invites you onboard to play X the GAME, either "Soulitaire," or with other players in community, as we share our intentions, purpose and legacy; 3. As opportunities to reach deep states of consciousness, the BEhicle will stimulate our minds and souls through:   a. a 'SACRED SPACE POD,' waterless, eco-art flotation device;    b. X the GAME   c- playing with an orchestra of "WINDSINGER" vibrational instruments 4. As a behicle that carries the _Spirit of Burning Man_ to the Playa, and beyond, traversing festivals and events around the world. It will inspire the new generation to channel their creativity, making a difference in their work and lives, building community, learning to collaborate and performing in the spirit of play.Imagine the Grokit Ship traversing the magical field of Black Rock City.Street by street, moving around the playa from end to end, visiting camps and venues, with its home base at Sacred Spaces Village (G and 4:00). The Behicle will be a mobile version of Sacred Spaces! THE SACRED SPACE POD GOES MOBILE… The Sacred Space Pod is the first known "Sensory Exaltation Tank" of its kind. Instead of providing "Sensory Deprivation" like her better known Flotation Tank sister, she offers a journey of Light & Sound, inducing the brain to relax and regenerate. She was initiated at Burning Man 2011 "Rites of Passage" as an eco-art project, meticulously painted by Master trompe l'oeil artist Will Northcutt. Our space lived at the entrance to Sacred Spaces Village. When the Sacred Space Pod isn't on the road, she is housed within the Timecapsule Dome and open for visitors from around the world as an off playa, Flotation eXperience at the Be & Be Well Flotation and GAME Center [5]. The next level of evolution of the Sacred Space Pod will include embedded healing crystals, gemstones and copper wiring for energy transference. LED lights will be embedded throughout to accent the spectacular image of “The Vitruvian Being from the 31st Century.”This image depicts is a scene from the GAMER science fiction back story called, “Downloads for the Traveler.” The SS Pod will be built on top of the trucks' cab roof. Within its inner sanctum will be a glow-in-the-dark star scape, illuminated by a healing black light. This antecedent technology has been envisioned to evolve over the course of the next millennium. Ultimately it will become a 'holographic time travel device.' Presently, the 2014 form will include a light and sound brain stimulation device, aromatherapy, and a biofeedback system that invites users on a journey to inner space. Users can entrain their mind, as they are challenged to “light up” the Pod's 8 color chakra crystals. Crystals and gemstones are embedded around the tanks outer core and also within the pod through fiber optics. By steadying your mind and practicing a regular, deep breath, slowing the heart rate, and other criteria, Travelers will be able to visually monitor the function of their brainwaves, with their mental energy amplified and translated into light and sound. Come have the ultimate eXperience…or yourself and beyond! Please DONATE to the Behicle. Everyone wins! Find out about great rewards and sponsor events. The BEhicle can show up for an event any where in the US and Canada (paying travel expenses.) We can offer a wide range of services. Here are a couple photos to show progress shots of the Behicle:       Here is a video about what we are up to:  Co-create the QuantuMX BEhicle... and light up the world!This QMX BEhicle is a new way to move through space & time. A stress free zone inspiring all to eXperience their "highest potential" in its many forms.

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