Agreements are the cornerstone to any good relationship


A core element that adds great power to THE GAME eXperience is the shared agreements that are made. Here are the basic level 1 GAME Agreements that you can use as a daily affirmation, or when you play with other players to create a safe space and team spirit. There are 8 Agreements that all players agree to upon commencing the game.


GAME agreements are made in the spirit of collaboration and finding ways to peaceful resolution. There are different versions of Agreements that have been edited for different purposes and applications. The all boil down to finding a place of consensus and alignment.

Essential GAME Agreements

The object of this GAME is to reach your highest potential while helping other players reach theirs:

1. I am open and authentic as I express myself;

2. I am genuinely supportive as I listen to others;

3. I am aware the choices I make co-create my future;

4. I view other players in the light of their highest potential;

5. I claim responsibility for my actions and responses;

6. I accept challenges as opportunities for growth;

7. I hold in confidence all that is shared by others;

8. I declarethis game a safe space to play and learn!


We have a version of our Agreements designed to support the growth of Global Community eXperience (GCX) Ambassador network.

Ambassador GAME Agreements

The object of GAMEstorming is to reach our highest potential in the workplace, while helping the other team members reach theirs. Here are the eight core agreements required to play:

1. I am honest and transparent;

2. I am an encouraging listener;

3. I am building a better future now;

4. I am supporting the creation of dreams;

5. I am observant and responsible;

6. I actively seek resolution;

7. I prefer to trust and be trusted:

8. I help create a safe environment for all to play!


A version of the Agreements has also been scripted for the GAMEstorm process, which is a process being used in corporate and organizational development.

GAMEStorm Agreements

The object of GAMEStorming™ is to reach the highest potential in the workplace, while helping the otehr team members reach theirs. Here are the eight core agreements required to effectively GAMEstorm:

1. I am clear and direct;

2. I am a thoughtful observer and participant;

3. I am open to new and productive opportunities;

4. I am responsible for co-creating the future;

5. I am sharing with integrity and honor;

6. I am committed to the process of deep diving;

7. I am a collaborative partner;

8. I am ready to play my part in this group-mind team!

"The game is a very powerful tools for transformation. It is great in it's current state in terms of what
it provides to players and the possibilities of creating various scenarious is huge. Imagine the educational
potential of a game that delivers content, sets standards and becomes a metaphor for life. This game provides
real skills for real people." Stewart Levine, Author, "The Book of Agreement and Collaboration 2.0: Technology and Best Practices for Successful Collaboration in a Web 2.0 World"