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is more than a game. It is a powerful communications and relationship building tool that brings people together to deep levels of connection. X is a card game, board game, web game, mobile game and soon to be social networking app, that represents the real Game of Life.

X the Game

If you'd like to play online, you can launch right into a GAME eXperience, setting your Intention and gaining feed...

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Connect with and communicate your life experience and story with other people locally and globally, both in the present & distant future. There are so many...

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Card Decks:There are three primary circular card decks, bundled together:Lifecircle cards, Relation cards, Challenge cards
Game Lifeboard:The Lifeboard is..

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Build a better community to support individuals to lead a better life.
Join the new paradigm revolution happening now.

The Global Community Experience is an Historical And Culture Timecapsule that represents the world at large, and in its finest details.Everyone is invited to play in this game of sharing individuals and collective dreams

QuantuMX BEhicle

QuantuMX BEhicle

Co-create the QuantuMX BEhicle... and light up the world!

This QMX BEhicle is a new way to move through space & time. A stress free zone inspiring all to eXperience their "highest potential" in its many forms.